Arctic Chaga: King of Immune Boosting Foods

At its essence, chaga is a super food for the immune system. In fact, all the medicinal mushrooms are - including reishi and maitake. When we give the body a super food for the immune system, the body detoxifies itself naturally because 50% of the body’s detoxification process is the immune system doing its natural healing work to eliminate toxins. Chaga has some of the highest levels of zinc in the world, and zinc is known to be a mineral specifically for immune support. Chaga’s strong immune enhancing properties are also attributed to the fact that it is an amazingly high alkaline food, and an ideal acid-alkaline balance is essential for a healthy immune system. Chaga also contains an extraordinarily high amount of beta glucans - twenty seven to be exact. Beta glucans work to gradually build the immune system over time by positively affecting the white blood cells and bone marrow. The high antioxidant levels, second only to cacao, is yet another other characteristic that lends chaga its super immune-boosting powers. All of these qualities, and much more, make chaga the true king of immune boosting herbs.


For more information please follow this link for more information at  Chaga Knowledge

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These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Arctic Chaga makes no medical claims and is sold for your holistic purposes.



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