Defender Chaga & Elderberry Immune System Booster

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Product Details

The healing powers of two extraordinary superfoods join together in our Defender Chaga & Elderberry Immune System Booster, a synergistic blend of antioxidants, polysaccharides, and essential nutrients that’s finely tuned to support immune performance.

  • Immune system booster
  • Antioxidant nutrition
  • Support for optimal health and well-being

Full Description

Your health is impacted every day by dietary and environmental toxins, including free radicals that can cause inflammation, immune compromise, and chronic illness. Chaga and elderberry work together to support, nourish and heal your natural immune capabilities:

Chaga mushroom has demonstrated in clinical studies the ability to help reduce inflammation, detoxify free radicals, and support immune performance. Studies indicate that reducing oxidative stress on the body can lead to improved health and wellness outcomes.

Elderberry has been used medicinally for centuries and celebrated for its connection to treatments designed to relieve cold and flu symptoms, manage swelling and pain, and alleviate chronic illness. Modern science reveals that elderberry is one of Nature’s superfoods, packed with antioxidant compounds and vital nutrients that can play a crucial role in promoting a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Defender Chaga & Elderberry Immune System Booster is the perfect drink as part of a wellness-inspired early morning ritual (it’s a great alternative to coffee), but it’s also suitable any time of day you want to enjoy the benefits of an intense immune kick. It mixes smoothly and has a gentle flavor that’s earthy and soothing, for a simple joy that uplifts mind, body, and spirit.