How Chaga Boosts Thyroid Health

May 24, 2021
pieces of Chaga mushroom

Renowned for its ability to ameliorate a wide variety of health issues and its amazing nutritional value, Chaga is quickly building a strong reputation in the world of superfoods. While the mushroom has been used as an herbal remedy for the common cold in various parts of the world for millennia, it’s only recently that scientists have discovered its potential ability to treat a range of illnesses, including intestinal problems, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

If you suffer from a thyroid disorder, such as Hashimoto’s, you may be curious as to whether Chaga can be help you. Well, it can. Reports of recently conducted clinical studies support Chagas’s ability to enhance thyroid health and heal issue caused by thyroid disorders.

Read on to learn how this magical mushroom can help you with your thyroid.

Common Thyroid Issues

A small gland located in the neck just below your Adam’s apple, the thyroid is responsible for the secretion of three key hormones: calcitonin, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine. The latter two are commonly referred to as the “thyroid hormones” and are key catalysts in protein synthesis and metabolism. Calcitonin, on the other hand, regulates the homeostasis of calcium. All three are critical for maintaining normal body function.

Since it’s such a critical organ of the body, thyroid issues can have some major ramifications on your health. A common thyroid condition is hyperthyroidism, in which the gland goes into overdrive and secretes and excessive amount of hormones. This can cause an irregular heartbeat and rapid weight loss. On the other end of the spectrum, you have hypothyroidism, in which the gland doesn’t secrete the sufficient amount of hormones. This causes a slowed heartbeat, increased sensitivity to cold, and rapid weight gain.

Other thyroid issues that are common include thyroiditis, in which the thyroid becomes inflamed. This causes pain and impairs regular glandular function.

How Chaga Can Help

Disturbances in the digestive system are often linked with thyroid conditions, such as thyroiditis. This is where Chaga can help. Its nourishing components are known to enhance the functioning of the “second brain”—a cluster of nerves that surround the stomach. This speeds up digestion, thus allowing your thyroid to return to normal function quickly.

Chaga also enhances the immune system, issues and disturbances in which are known catalysts of thyroid issues. It serves an immune-balancer, directing antibodies away from healthy areas and towards infected areas and viruses. It effectively prevents your immune system from attacking your thyroid.

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