Chaga: How It Protects You From Viruses

May 17, 2021
chaga mushroom

As we reach the middle of spring, and the weather turns damper and warmer, it’s prime flu season. We’re all familiar with the runny nose, aching limbs, and sore throat that comes with the weather. With the help of vitamin tablets and hot lemon, we try to strengthen our defenses, rally our immune system, and hope they purge our bodies of pathogens.

However, we don’t always succeed. Moreover, many leading physicians advise against vitamin tablets since the body doesn’t correctly metabolize their contents.

So, what do we do? Is there a natural, safe, and effective way to protect ourselves against viruses? Well, it turns out, there is—and it’s a nutrient-rich, small mushroom that grows in extreme northern regions. A superfood that’s been used as a traditional remedy in Siberia and Alaska for generations, Chaga is known for its wide array of potential health benefits.

In this blog post, we’ll learn how Chaga can help your body fight off viruses.

The Anti-Viral Properties of Chaga

A mushroom that grows on birch trees, Chaga draws many of its nutrients from its host tree. It needs a frigid and dry climate to develop correctly, which is why it’s not surprising that it’s only found in regions like Siberia and Alaska.

Now, the key to effectively combating viruses and pathogens lies in strengthening our immune system so it can ward off these invaders. Chaga is rich in an array of components that enhance our defense system. These include germanium, triterpene, beta-glucans, and various other vitamins that are required by our body.

Beta-glucans strengthen our immunity by activating white blood cells, which serve as our body’s primary defensive units. Triterpene, on the other hand, is known for its efficacy against cancer cells. However, it also has a positive effect on the spleen, our “central” immune defense. Furthermore, Chaga also has strong anti-inflammation properties, which help it suppress immune dysfunction caused by inflammation.

This brings us to geranium—a rare metal that scientists are currently studying. Geranium is known as an oxygen catalyst that can combat free radicals in the body. In case you don’t know what free radicals are, they’re unstable particles that cause cellular damage.

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