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Explore the world of Arctic Chaga. Browse through and find the right products that best fit your lifestyle.

Hand picked in the remote Alaskan wilderness.

To ensure the highest quality, our products are made from only the finest quality Chaga mushrooms, wild-harvested and hand-picked by us, in the interior forests of Alaska. This promises that you will receive the freshest products, with the highest antioxidant levels, making Arctic Chaga the premium choice for all your Chaga needs.

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Explore the world of Arctic Chaga. We have the best quality Chaga products for you. Browse through and find the right products that best fit your lifestyle!

Arctic Chaga helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle with an immunity boost.

Our Chaga Mushrooms are grown by
Mother Nature.

We sustainably harvest our Chaga from only birch trees in the subarctic climate with a 160-degree variance causing the mushrooms to survive and thrive. This causes them to evolve & heighten their internal characteristics. Chaga Mushroom is enriched with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These are essentials for our good health.

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We created Arctic Chaga to share our knowledge of Chaga with the world. View the below articles to learn how to brew Chaga perfectly, improve your immune system knowledge, & get all the wonderful health benefits Chaga has to offer!

Chaga Mushrooms: Fun Facts You Should Know

Chaga Mushrooms: Fun Facts You Should Know

Chaga Mushroom is a non-toxic fungus from the Hymenochaetaceae family and has various medicinal qualities. The word "Chaga" comes from the Russian word for mushroom (derived from czaga). Chaga is not a mushroom; rather, it's a hardened mass of mycelium; another term...

How Chaga Boosts Thyroid Health

How Chaga Boosts Thyroid Health

Renowned for its ability to ameliorate a wide variety of health issues and its amazing nutritional value, Chaga is quickly building a strong reputation in the world of superfoods. While the mushroom has been used as an herbal remedy for the common cold in various...

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