Chaga 30 Tea Bags

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Product Details

Freshly brewed chaga tea imparts a smooth, earthy flavor that can be enjoyed alone or sweetened if desired. Arctic Chaga caters to you naturally by offering fresh, wild-harvested chaga in temperatures of -60 degrees, with no fillers, additives, or preservatives. Arctic Chaga tea is a convenient and tasty way to experience a natural energy boost without stimulants like caffeine.

Full Description

Unlike other herbal teas, ours is densely packed with nutrients. All thirty packages have been responsibly packaged in bleach-free tea bags free from harmful chemicals like dioxin so that you can enjoy your Chaga tea risk-free. Each Arctic Chaga tea bag is designed to be used 2-3x, this doubles your investment, without losing any of the robust flavors from one cup to the next. Arctic Chaga is the Highest quality of Chaga.