4oz Chaga Tincture Ultrasonic Extracted

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Ultrasonic Frequency Extracted Arctic Chaga Tincture

Ultrasonic Frequency Extracted Arctic Chaga Tincture is the most convenient and effective way to enjoy the health benefits of the wonderful chaga mushroom:

  • Support for immune and digestive wellness
  • Antioxidant performance
  • Promotes elevated physical and mental well-being
  • Supports a healthy and happy lifestyle

Modern science has revealed that chaga contains 215+ micronutrients that provide nutritional support for improved strength, superb energy levels and a lasting digestive and immune boost. Add 1-3 droppers per serving to any beverage, mix into salad dressings and sauces, sprinkle into recipes, or simply place under your tongue – it’s a simple way to make chaga a part of your wellness regimen.

Ultrasonic frequency extraction is an advanced process that intensifies the potency of extracted micronutrients. Low-frequency, high power ultrasound exposure creates microscopic shear forces that boost extraction via intense turbulence, high velocity particle collisions and vigorous biomass perturbation. It’s a safer and healthier process compared to thermal extraction processes, which can damage nutrients, affect taste and reduce bioavailability.

Many companies use double- or triple-extraction techniques that retain as little as 40% of viable chaga micronutrients and healing compounds, compared to up to 98% retention using our technique. Ultrasonic frequency extraction is part of our commitment to deliver all-natural chaga health supplements of the highest quality and potency.

Arctic Chaga comes from the most remote forests of the frigid Alaskan interior. We use a time-honored wild harvesting process that preserves natural freshness and potency. How has chaga survived for millennia in one of the world’s harshest environments? A unique spectrum of protective and nourishing micronutrients enable this amazing organism to thrive – now you can enjoy support for the same health and wellness benefits, thanks to Ultrasonic Frequency Extracted Arctic Chaga Tincture.